Questions that every beginner in poultry farming must answer


  1. Is the house durable?

2. Is the house clean and easy to clean?

3. Is the house well ventilated?

4. Is the lighting adequate?


  1. Who is the farmhand?

2. Who keeps the records?

3. Who does the marketing of produce?

4. Who does the sales and purchases?


  1. How many birds do you want to keep?

2. What is the price per bird from breeders?

3. How do you raise the money?

4. How will you sustain the business?

Disease Management

  1. What are the likely poultry diseases to occur?

2. What is the cause, prevention, and treatment if any?

3. What will be your vaccination calendar?

4. Who is your veterinary consultant?


  1. Who is your target customer?

2. Who else is offering the same service?

3. What are the taxes involved in the market?

4. How different will you be in the market?


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